About Hytched

At Hytched we believe that meaningful relationships drive long term results. Hytched was born out of a desire to build better relationships, bringing companies and professionals together to find success and happiness.

Whether you’re a company at a crossroads dealing with a challenge but lacking the resource to face it or you’re an independent professional with passion and experience that is hungry for that perfect problem to solve, at Hytched we are committed to making work wonderful again.  Join us today and rekindle your passion for what you do.

Our Team


Tracy Burns

Unlike so many HR professionals, Tracy didn’t “fall into HR”, she was born into HR. After completing a bachelors in Business and Human Resources, she went on to earn a Master’s in Organizational Development. With 20 years of corporate HR experience, she’s has touched every facet of the HR profession. Whether implementing a new HRIS system, hiring over 100 people a month, or designing and delivering leadership programs, Tracy has seen it all.

Tracy has spent the last 6 years leading the largest HR association in the Northeast, which has given her the unique ability to combine her HR experience to leverage her connections.

Tracy has both a deep understanding of the profession and a vast network of professional colleagues, many whom she calls friends. Over the years she’s worked to help many of them find the work they love. Rewriting resumes, helping to hone interview skills and connecting them with organizations who value their skills.


Mim Minichiello

Mim is a 25 year veteran of the health insurance industry. She has had the great experience of working on health insurance related issues from just about every angle. However at her core, she describes herself as a catalyst for change. She loves to solve problems but likes to see them solved forever instead of leaving a problem for someone else to address. 

Her other great passion is helping people find the perfect fit. She's always been most rewarded when she helps one of her many "friends' find their next great assignment. She describes it as a privilege to work on one of the most critical decisions  a person can make -- where and whom to work with. 

When Tracy explained her idea of trying to help Great companies find the help they needed to get their work done -- Something that was beyond ordinary recruitment -- Mim knew she was in. 

Companies That Got Hytched


“Kudos to the Hytched team for tackling one of the biggest historic challenges for HR functions… How to find and engage the right external expertise at the exact time that you need it.  This tool has the potential to be a game changer in this area.”

Dave Almeda, Chief People Officer, KRONOS

"The Hytched platform was created by business leaders and HR experts who understand firsthand the needs of both the client and HR practitioner.  It's an innovative concept that marries their knowledge, network, and the power of technology to help companies find the right people to help drive their human capital strategies."

Cindy Joyce, CEO, Pillar Search

“Hytched has a unique and dynamic take on the strategic direction of human resources. That’s why I rely on their advice when building conference faculties and platforms.”

Bud Bernstein, Curator for Strategic HR U.S.

"Hytched is a novel and new technology platform that seamlessly connects HR consultants with organizations in need of HR services. For a consultant, it provides a cost-effective means for identifying new opportunities, expanding your network, and generating new business. This is a great tool to support and bring together organizations and service providers within the broader HR community."

Sarah Mann, Spark HR Solutions